Hi Chantal- I wanted to thank you so much for Osa. She is amazing. She is such a beautiful Siberian Husky- we get nothing but compliments on her EVERYWHERE we go. We can't go on a walk without being stopped. People are in awe of her beautiful, fuzzy, soft coat, and her clear ice blue eyes. People always comment on how beautiful her unique coloring is and that they have never seen such a beautiful husky. Even our family Vet is enamored with her- and she is so healthy, and happy.

Osa has a wonderful personality with very little training. She has the best disposition. She is friendly to everyone, and so patient with our toddler. Our toddler can take toys and treats right from her mouth. They are best friends! Osa even lets me know when she needs a diaper change- it's hilarious.

I want to thank you so much once more for breeding such a wonderful companion for our family. She has quickly become integrated into our family and we all love her so much! When we brought her home, she fit right in like she had lived with us her whole life. She also adjusted very quickly with her big brother, Loki, our Police K-9 Belgian Malinois. Please let me know if you ever need any recommendations. I can't thank you enough!

The Mignon Family, Northern Virginia

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Hi Chantal! This is Brittny & Nick. It's been a while since we bought bear and we just wanted to say thank you so so much! Bear is such a wonderful Siberian husky and we are so happy to have found him :) I thought you'd like to see how big he has gotten in the past 7 months! I hope you and your family continue to breed such wonderful dogs in the years to come, as we can't wait to get another one !!Thank you again !!   Nov. 19, 2015
Hey Chantal,                                     Sept. 20, 2015

I just wanted to give you a little bit of an update on Laika. She's really happy in her new home! She has been a sweet heart ever since she arrived here and we couldn't imagine having a better puppy :) The other dogs are still warming up to her, but we have had no problems so far. I know, and I apologize, that we haven't gotten the papers from the vet in yet, but she has an appointment coming up soon and we will give you those papers as soon as we can. We're really grateful for the opportunity to be her owners. Thanks, and have a great day.
Destin P
Hello, June 24, 2013

We purchased a puppy from you in January. You were calling him Pork Chop, but we then changed his name to Ecco. I can't thank you enough for selling him to us. He has become a fantastic addition to our family. He has the sweetest personality and temperament, and been a lot of fun. I included two pictures of him with this email so that you can see how he has grown up.  

I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks again!

Chris Petter

Hi Chantal, 

Maya was spayed the start of this month. How would you like me to send you the certificate of it? I can send you a copy in the mail or scan and email it. She really is such an incredible dog, I can't thank you enough!

Rebecca Rodriguez 11/20/2015

Hi Chantal

I have since switched email addresses since purchasing Kobi in 2012. I wanted to give you an update and picture! 

She is the most amazing little girl! Every day she greets us with lots of love and kisses. She loves her brother, our other dog Jake. She is also the most sassy dog I've ever met. If you yell at her, she yells back. She also loves to sing and voice her opinion about everything. 
She did have a bout of lymes disease this past year, but is now clear of it. 
I recommend you to anyone who asks about her. She makes us smile every day. 

Have a great Christmas!

Kristen Linardos  12/20/2016